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SELLING & PROCESS Selling and process

Here is our guide to what you can expect from the selling process…

Chris George or one of his senior colleagues will visit your property and provide a realistic valuation taking into account your timescale and aspirations for its value. We will also advise on the best marketing strategy and offer advice to get the property looking its best.

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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

To comply with current legislation, an energy performance certificate is required before selling or letting. We can arrange an independent company to provide this if you wish.


This forms an essential part of the property details.

Photo ID

Current legislations requires us to see photo ID of vendors

Property details

We always use a professional photographer to showcase your home in the best possible way. Experienced copywriters will describe the property aiming to bring it to life and give potential buyers a real feel for living there. We put all this together in our unique magazine style property details which is specially designed to make your home come to life on the page. We are sure you will be delighted with your details but just to be sure we ask you to approve them before marketing.

Tip: To maximise marketing potential please try to make sure your home is as tidy and clutter free as possible! If you have any large items that you can live without for a while, consider putting them in storage while you are selling.

Once you have approved your property details for marketing:

  • Our negotiators visit your property so they're fully briefed on it. Uniquely we also compile a 'Property Briefing Sheet' – so all our staff are fully informed on every last detail of your property.
  • We upload your property to our website and the many other sites on which we advertise.
  • We email full downloadable details to all buyers on our database who are looking for a property like yours and telephone the really 'hot' prospects.
  • We advertise your property in our weekly advert in the Northants Telegraph.
  • We put up one of our distinctive 'For Sale' boards – still an important medium despite the power of the internet today!
  • We will often also drop cards through other doors in your street – quite often a buyer is more local than you'd think!
  • We can arrange an 'Open House' if appropriate also, with viewings regularly scheduled throughout the day.

Tip: Once a property is visibly for sale, you'll often get letters from other agents claiming to have "interested buyers". If this happens, please redirect the agent to us so we can work with them to your advantage.

We always call and email you before a viewing to check it's convenient, and never visit unannounced. If there are any times or days you’d prefer, we’ll accommodate those.

Interest in your property should build quickly, and viewings will start happening soon. It is a good idea to let us have a set of keys, which we of course keep securely, so that we can bring round potential buyers if you're not there. Please make sure we're briefed on any alarms or pets!

Whenever possible we always accompany all potential buyers on viewings, so we can explain any benefits that might not immediately obvious, and answer any questions they may have.

Tip: In our experience, buyers often find it easier to see themselves living in a property if its current owners are not present at a viewing. However if you’d prefer to do the viewings yourself, that’s fine.

We follow up each viewing with a call, to listen to comment discuss any 'objections' they might have. We'll email you the next working day, and call you regularly to keep you informed of interest and progress.

When we receive an offer, we will call you with the details, including the applicants' intended timescales, financial position and any chain. This ensures you have all the information necessary to make the right decision.

Once you’re happy to agree to an offer, we contact all parties' solicitors, and aim to set a target moving date.

Tip: Now is a good time to start getting quotes from removals companies.

Staff will regularly check on progress with all parties in your chain to ensure good communication, and so maximise the chance of the sale completing – and on time.

Tip: It’s a good idea to make sure you speak to or email your solicitor at least once a week to check progress.

After a few weeks, usually between four and eight, the contracts will be ready for exchange. Your buyer will usually pay a 5-10% deposit, and the sale becomes legally binding.

Around two weeks after the exchange of contracts the sale should be ready for completion! The moment you have been waiting for! Time to move in!

Every property on our books is truly unique… and so is the service we offer.
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